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3DMark scores low


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you should be getting around 4500-5000 with your system I think... I can hit 4800 easily w/o any overclocks but my system @ stock is one of the top 5 in the ORB...

check your AA and AF settings levels for starters... turn off AA and AF and you should be getting a net gain...


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Overclock video card and memory. Latest official or Omega Drivers are fast but buggy. Use Rivatuner. Shut down all background processes including antivirus - to cut a long story short read every single thread in this forum and apply every tweak you can get your hands on then read every single thread in the Futuremark forum, get a record score, lose your sanity and post your results back here :D
My PC is hitting 5040 Stock, with it's current settings it's pushing almost 7000.

Download the new ATi 3.9s. Uninstal the old drivers, restart, install the new ones, and restart again. Try running it again, it should be a bit better.

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