3d xp problem, please help!




windows xp
Gigabyte VIA KT266A GA-7VTXE+ mobo
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512 ddr
leadtek 64mb nvidia geforce3 ti200 agp
soundblaster audigy platinum

The only games I've played on this are Half-Life, Return to Wolfenstein, and Medal of Honor. Each of the games look great on the computer, but when I get up close to pretty much any wall the game gets sort of distorted. I don't really know how to explain it, other than that up close some things look almost like they're a glitch. The pixels kind of jump around and make the picture really distorted. I wish I could give a better description of the problem, but I can't.

The interesting part is when I switched the display in half-life from direct3d to opengl the problem COMPLETELY disappeared. I have no idea why. The problem is still there in moh and rtcw (and as far as i can tell there's no way to choose direct3d/opengl in those games). I don't even know what the difference between those two settings are, I just know that one works and the other doesn't for half life. I downloaded the newest detonator drivers from nvidia, so I don't know what the problem could be. I have a hard time believing that my computer can't handle those two games, and even if I turn the resolution, texture, or detail down to a very low level in either of the other games I still get this pixel distortion problem.

I have a friend with an almost identical computer and he's running 98. He doesn't have the problem. Is windows xp somehow screwing me over? Or is there some other problem I'm not seeing?

If anyone has ANY suggestions I would be very very grateful. This is making me insane, I spent a lot of money on this pc and its specs far exceed even recommended requirements for these games. They should run perfectly!!!!! (I think). Getting half-life to run properly makes me think there is some way I can get other games to work, please help me if you can!!!!

Thank you,
it can either be A. a driver problem, or B. your direct3d settings got whacked, I'd recommend going into your display settings, then into the geforce3's additional propery settings, then the direct3d tab, make sure your Direct3d mipmap detail is set to best image quality
I went back to the last whql certified nvidia drivers and I used the refresh rate fix. It is better, but still not perfect. On 3dmark 2001 my score was almost 7000, is that good? It looked pretty good compared to other people. I think I should be getting a better display than I am, but the refresh rate fix and driver change seems to help. I dont even know what the refresh rate fix does so I don't know if that could have possibly helped me.

My direct 3d settings were exactly as you told me to set them.


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