3D mark scores come down with vsink option on.


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14 Jul 2002
I've noticed with my radeon 9800 pro that if I set the drivers to vsink always on that my 3d mark scores come down by alot. Is this normal?
Do you notice the framerates in the tests don't surpass your refresh rates? (Say, 60, 72, 85, etc, fps?) 3dMark is supposed to be able to disable Vsync, but maybe the drivers have disallowed that function.
Is that what vsink does? I know it stops tearing and makes games look a bit better but does it stop your frame rates from exceeding your refresh rates?
vsynch synchs your fps with your frame rate... it can prevent 'tearing' of the image when the fps goes too high in some situations...
3D Mark will disable Vsync IF you select Application Preference.

Options for Vsync are: On, Off, Application Preference.

Leave it in Application Preference or set it to Off for benchmarking.
Well , I think ON for gaming if you have the refresh rate of your monitor set pretty high. I have the refresh rate on my CRT to 85, when benchmarking I sure like to see those 300 fps , when gaming Id like to have those fps as far as possible from 60 fps. Anything lower and your eyes notice it, anything higher is cool ...

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