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5 Jun 2002
Does anyone knows any 3D house design softwares around ? I've landed a job recently and needed those kind of apps.but going through the internet and downloading the trials ended me up with some kind of 3D renderings.I want something easy like dragging that wall, this fence,that kind of window etc etc.I've seen some but they are for Mac whereas I'm using a PC.Any help ?
Chief architect is really good. I used it in an architecture class, it lets lets you build it exactly as you described and whenever you want you can walk around in 3D and change cabinet, window sizes, ect. and see how everything will look. It also has an outside view. It doesn't require a fast computer either, the class had cheap gateway p3's(under 500mhz) without any 3d acceleration and 64 megs of ram and it ran just fine.
Yeah..I've download the demo version of Chief Architect, tried and I like it..Thanks...now still looking for others before deciding on Chief Architect (looks like my first choice):D
i know when i was in CAD in my high school for 2 years. We used Autodesk Autodesk Architectural Desktop. It was really into it but it is a lot of money like $1100+. But then again i think you still need some sort of CAD backround to use it
I never used architectural desktop, but am pretty skilled with autocad. What is architectural desktop like?

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