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3D Cube GUI Active Desktop Component



I've been in the process of developing a 3D Cube Active Desktop Component that launches applications, programs, URLs, etc.
However, I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to developing webpages, and I can't seem to get the thing running correctly, the way I would like. The Cube is supposed to spin and interact with the mouse and currently when you double click on a side it launches a specified URL, I would like it to do this with a single click instead, but I think that would require modifying the .class file; something I'm totally in the dark about. Could one of you nice web developers or Java or VBScript experts take a look and see what you can do with it?

Here is a link to the file on my friends FTP server:
(Note: I have no control over this server, as he lives very far away from me; the link may be up or it maybe down.) I will try to include the file in this post as an alternative source. {look in one of the reply posts below for this, as I cannot add the file on an update to this post}
WARNING: The file is rather large, 5MB!

Requirements: You will need to have Java VM, preferably the Microsoft VM, installed in order to run the included htm files correctly. Note: The package includes the Microsoft VM for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, incase you don’t have it. You will need to make modifications to the source if you are running a different OS than Microsoft Windows XP.

Please Read the included “READ ME FIRST.txt” file for details about this project.

Once you are able to work out my problem, or if you have suggestions, comments, ideas, etc., pass me an e-mail: rkm@arn.net and I'll update it. Other contact information is provided in the included “READ ME FIRST.txt” file.

Thanx in advance :)
Note: I'm a horible speller, so please be forgiving when you read this post or the included "READ ME FIRST.txt" file. ;)

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