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3Com Wireless Issues

My network is fairly typical; i have a wireless router/modem that connects to my DSL line, and as clients i have 1 wireless laptop (occasionally 2 if my dad is over), and 2 wired connections one being for the desktop i use daily and one connected to my server (which currently is offline anyway due to repairs).

I have noticed some strange goings on with the wireless section of the router. It would seem that it just stops replying to requests completely randomly. At first i was using this with a w2k client and the 3Com software was saying that it was unable to obtain an IP. Thinking it was an issue with WEP I disabled it and it worked fine again, fast forward a couple of months and now im using linux with the wireless card and it has been running fine for 99% of the time. Now however the same thing is happening, it wont configure, it wont even connect when i force linux to use the AP (iwconfig eth0 ap MA:CA:DD:RE:SS)

So last night i "Reset to Factory Defaults" from the control panel, then reset again from the button on the back of the router. Now i have re-set a network with 128bit encryption and everything works fine. I have tried it with my laptop (with a 3Com PCMCIA Card) and with another using a Buffalo USB Adaptor.

So my question is, does anyone have any idea what is going on? I really dont want to have to keep reseting the router every few months just for there to be an active wireless connection.

Or is this a sign of my router dying? like i say the wired network seems fine, just the wireless is giving me issues.

Router; 3Com OfficeConnect 802.11b/g ADSL Router/Modem Discontinued
PCMCIA; 3Com OfficeConnect 802.11g Laptop Adapter


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Have a look on the main page of the router admin screen, what software version are you running?
i knew this would be the first question asked and i wish i added it in the initial post.

I am running version 1.31 (Apr 18 2005 11:14:22) which to my knowledge is the latest. :)


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It is the latest, I've got the same version. Funny though I've never had any probs with the wireless on my router?:suprised:

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