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:) :)


Dabba Dooba
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Well...today i finally got a dirtbike. Its a 1978 YZ 175 its so awsome. Even tho its old as crap it runs awsome...the air filer and the carb just needs to be cleaned. I stole the bike from my dads house cause i was suppose to get it 2 years ago and bought new piston and rings but then the clutch wasnt workin so he keep sayin the clutch needs to be fixed so he can give it too me but he still hasnt. So i stole my dirtbike from his house and rode it around and come to find out the clutch plates were stuck together from sittin for 14 years. All i had to do is ride it and it was fixed. So now i feel like the happiest person alive since now i can ride with all my friends cept they all have new bikes but hey atleast i got a bike.

Sorry if some of u dont know some of this stuff but i just am really happy and i am gonna be doin alot of legacy posts tonight :)


Dabba Dooba
Political User
yeah...its mine but my dad never gave it too me cause it needed to be fixed but all u had to do was ride it. What r the odds of riding somethin and it gets fixed?


Giver of 2 Cents
Years ago I had a little YZ 80...I loved that bike. Me and my neighbor took this piece of crap bike and tweaked the heck out of it. rebuilt the engine and carb, even bored out the engin to 110. First day I finally got to ride it I was at a large area behind the town I lived in and was going like a madman all over the place. That was untill the throtal stuck full open. I tried to dump the bike, but it stayed up without me and kept going. Right over a 50 foot drop off where it crashed and caught fire.

I miss that bike.

Take Care,


Dabba Dooba
Political User
lol wow...thats crazy. I will never get anything other than a yz. I might get a cr if my parents wont by me a brand new bike but yeah its gonna be fun just puttin around and trail riding.

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