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32MB onboard video with 19" LCD


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I have an older computer that I used a 17" CRT with for about a year and never had a problem. I bought a 19" LCD for it, and if you set the resolution higher than 1024x768, it bounces around. I played with refresh and hardware acceleration, but nothing helped. Is it possible that my video card just can't handle a resolution above that, without issue? I at first suspected the monitor, but it's working good at 1024x768...

EDIT: It just bounced around again :(

Any ideas? I might go return this for another if it's messed up.
The LCD has a native resolution. I think the interpolation is in the monitor, bit it may be in the vid card to use a resolution other than native but interpolation can produce crappy images. It's possible the old card just isn't non-native LCD capable.

But a 19 inch LCD should have a native resolution higher than 1024x768. Check what the monitor native resolution is and set the card to that.

32 MB should handle up to 2048x1536. Try cutting the settings back to 16 bit color and see if the jerking stops. Also if you have wallpaper/screen savers shut it off for the testing. That will reduce memory demand on the card.

Also check - since you are probably using shared video memory kill background applications on the PC and open up the AGP aperature setting in Bios to 64MB.

When all else fails find someone with a video caard and plug up to that to check the monitor. If it is the on board video you should be able to pick up a 64MB, up to date vid card for $50-70.
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It seems OK now.

I went into the BIOS and turned off a bunch of ports I wasn't using, and changed the default Video from "Auto" to "Onboard". Nothing for AGP Aperture, as this is an old machine. Dell GX110.

I think I still may pick up a vid card this week tho, thx.


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Thanks AM, but not using a VGA extension. The monitor was going buggy a bit this morning, so I definitely know it's the video card as I tested the monitor on another PC for a few hours last night and it was 100% fine at 1280x1024. I picked up another video card on the way to work this morning, and will try it tonight.


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This actually turned out to be the monitor. Went and exchanged it last night, has been working like a champ ever since :)


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Wow... would not have guessed that..
wierd... how did it work with the other system, or was it in the process of going bad??


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I didn't guess it either, which actually got me more mad when I found it out.

I have an old machine which for awhile worked perfectly on a 17" CRT, but I wanted to get rid of it for desk space. I went out and bought a 19" LCD, and hooked it up to this older machine. The machine has an onboard video adapter, with 32MB of shared memory. This put me in a pickle, because I knew I hadn't had problems with the adapter before, but I didn't know if the LCD just needed more muscle to run. So, I put the monitor on another machine to test, and it was fine.

The next day, I got another video card, PCI, to bring home and try out. I put that video card in, and it gave me more problems, but on the Windows side. After I danced around that for a little, I was able to get into Windows. Not only did the problem not go away, it almost got worse. Frustrated, and needing to get work done, I hooked the monitor up to another machine and RDC'ed to this older machine. On the new machine with the 19" hooked up, it still did the same thing.


So, I went back to CompUSA, and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. I was a little hesitant, because the deal was so good on the monitor (at least IMO), that I feared it was being discontinued and would be out of stock. But, I got another, and as I said, it works great :)

Bad habit I have sometimes is that I skip the simple stuff, and take complicated approaches to everything, oh well.

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