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300GB USB Drive & Ghosting (Backup)


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Im not quite sure where to post a question like this so I found the closest thing with my criteria?!?!?

Here is the situation, I have a WD 300GB External Drive and wanted to know what would be the best solution to back it up. At my workplace, we create images of hard drives that we want placed out on the floors and we use Norton Ghost 9.0. Now my question is, would the same procedure that we use at work allow me to do the same with my External Drive?

One more thing, would I be able to navigate through that image while im on my computer. For those who did not understand that...will I be able to open up that image and grab a file if I ever needed it on-the-fly?

Thanks for your help all.....!

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
You should have no problem with using ghost 9 to image your drive. And yes you can browse the image file using Ghost Explorer (included with Ghost) to grab a file.


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or if it is saved as an iso you can use, daemon tools, poweriso, alcohol 120% etc.. and make the image a virtural drive, that way it will literally look like a drive, within the folder you place it.

But perhaps NG, has its own file system.

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