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$300 dollar budget


ok i know there are so many discusions about video cards out there, but I just cant seem to get the basic jist, if somoene could reccomend the best card with a $300 budget maybe a little more.

I currently have the v-8200 Geforce3 Ti-200 and its about time i upgraded.

I hear x600 XT is that true? what else is there, if people could just give me two choices or so that would be great.
Well, for a very decent card below $300, I'd recommend ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. You can easily flash it to the XT version afterwards (I think; might a slightly different card from the one I mentioned. Can anyone confirm this? >_o). It's a nice addition for a lower price. :D

Anyway, that card supports DX8 and 9 fully and it's decent enough for today and tomorrow games. Doom 3 will even run nicely on that (even though not on high settings), so don't worry about that. ;)

As for the price itself, it's hovering around $200. Just find a good shop. Hint: www.newegg.com if you live in the US. I don't really know any other good non-American shops, though. Somebody else probably does. :p

Edit: Unless you're Dutch, in which case you should go for http://www.pcmegastore.nl or http://www.icomputers.nl :D

Double Edit: German: http://www.bora-computer.de and http://www.computer-cash-carry.de :p

Triple Edit: Forgot one thing. Take the Sapphire brand. :D

Quadruple Edit: Screw it, too many smilies and edits. :p
Best performance would be a Geforce 6800 GT if you can find it for $300.

The 9800 PRO at $199 is the best price performance trade off.

Both will bring tears of joy to your eyes.
chaos945 said:
A bit unclear on your meaning here, but it runs fine on High Settings on my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb card.
I read HardOCP's article on Doom 3. High Settings may work for you, it doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. I mean, everyone has a different PC. For one it might run slow, for others just fine. Experimenting with it never hurts, though. :p

One thing is sure: Ultra High Settings will not exactly work for that card, let alone 6800 GT, because of the lack of 512 MB onboard memory. Anyway, that's not exactly the point of this topic.

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro is recommended for a good price/performance ratio, especially when you want a card costing below $300. Or... Wait and see what Sazar is talking about. :p
it's not really worth it to get the 9800pro anymore, unless you can find it for significantly less than $300.
If your budget is $300 and do not mind spending it all, you should probably go with a 6800 regular, or drop in some more cash for the superior 6800GT / X800Pro.
(I personally would choose 6800GT since it comes with 16 pipelines, and X800pro comes with 12 and 4 locked -- chance of unlocking, but needs mod.)
(more pipeline is not always better though... 6800GT does perform around X800Pro at stock speeds)


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