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3 Doors Down in concert

Welp...went and saw 3 Doors Down in concert tonight at the Bancorpsouth Center in Tupelo, MS. This was somewhat of a special concert considering 3 Doors Down is from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and they seemed really happy to be in Tupelo. All I can say is WOW...what a show. They truly exemplify the term "rock star". The show started at 8 with one of the opening bands called Shinedown. They weren't but...but it just made the wait for 3DD seems to take forever. Shinedown wasn't bad really but I was glad when their set was done. Next up was 12 Stones. The lead singer for them had more energy than anyone I had ever seen. I definately need some of what he is taking. They played about 45 minutes or so and finally....at 9:50...3 Doors Down took the stage. If my ears ever stop ringin...maybe I can remember the set list. They played all the hits and a new one as well and even a classic cover. I will stop rambling now...all I have to say...is if they come to a venue near you...GO SEE THEM...it is well worth it...:)
yep yep...was a good show...they mixed up their set list as well...would play a few really fast paced songs then slow it down with a ballad...was an excellent show


The Analog Kid
They must've gotten much better since the last time I saw them. I saw them way back when they opened for Creed. I'll give them credit though, it was only their 3rd show with the new drummer.


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They played in my city a month or so ago. My brother went and said it was awful. Maybe it was just a bad night for them though?

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