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3 CD/DVD ROMS attached to 1 IDE Channel?



Is there a way I can connect 3 Drives to 1 IDE Cable? I have a 1. DVD-rom 2.DVD-R/R 3.CD/RW and i'd like to have all go at the same time considering I have 4 face plate slots. There must be someway to do it right?

Thanks in advance.


Originally posted by Ant -|- One
Hey, seems good ! Does it really work ? How does the system (bios + Windows) support it ? Do you know the pricing ( because I didn't want to sign in just for this info ) ?
dunno, just searched for it for the thread starter....i like keepin everything on separate channels when possible
If you notice that link... it clearly states... "Hard Drive Round Cable for 2 Drive" It is not possible to have more than 2 devices on IDE. Sorry. I do have 4 IDE connectors on my MB though, which allows for 8 IDE devices, all running simotaneously. Good luck!
Your only options are 1. Get a new motherboard with more IDE slots
2. Get a PCI IDE controller card like TwoZigZag mentioned.
No. No. No.

You can ONLY have 2 IDE devices on each channel (1x Master & 1x Slave)

Most motherboards integrate a controller that has 2 channels (Primary & Secondary) allowing upto 4 devices.

Ways round it are:

1. Integrated RAID controller (Abit AT7 MAX2 as an example)
2. ATA expansion card (as seen above)

1&2 simply provide more channels. As for SCSI - not my area :(

Good Luck
so what do you think is the best thing to use to have more IDE connectors.. without getting a new Motherboard as being one of the options? :confused:

Thank you for your help and time

sincerly Alex :cool:


I have a Asus P4PE that supports raid but i have no idea how to put on 2 hard drives and 3 CD/CDRW Devices and connect them. I should just buy that Promise controller and it should theoretically make my life easier. I guess from there i would just hook up the extra drive to that? being that the other 2 drives are on my 1 IDE.

thanks for the advice fellas



assuming thats your board i think its correct...

you can use the raid channel as a single ide channel, allowing you to connect a fifth device....

example....ide 1: master hdd/slave hdd
ide 2: cdrom/cdrw

ide 3(on the right edge of mobo): cdr

I've used raid channels as regular ide channels b4 on my kt400 mobo........it might be possible that u could do the same


I would agree with Two Zigzag, on the ATA 133 controller card .
I run a DVD/Zip/2x H/Drives on IDE Channels.
So the ATA 133 maintains required speed for a separate DVD/RW+ drive.

Chaintech mobo
AMD 2200+
512Mb Ram
40 GB+30 GB H/ Drives
Originally posted by Alex_is_Axel
so what do you think is the best thing to use to have more IDE connectors.. without getting a new Motherboard as being one of the options? :confused:
Get a IDE controller card. That's the only way except a new mobo.


I have 3 CD/DVD/CD-RW drives, and I have 2 HDD. 5 total things i need to run. Currently I disconnected my DVD burner and just use my DVD-ROM and CD-RW but I get sick of disconnecting 1 to get the other to work. Luckily I have a easy Chieftec colored case to open the side door but I know there must be a way of doing it like described above. I don't know how to do the Raid way like that guy said so I think the promise controller seems best. They have an OEM one at Newegg.com for @ $35 which seems reasonable to me. I'd love to run raid hard drives and IDE CD/dvd drives but I don't know if its possible or if I'd even see a performance gain from that.


no need to run a raid setup....

it would work as a normal ide channel if u dont setup raid...that would be where u could connect your fifth device

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