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3.5 floppy


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ok I used a preformatted 3.5 disk and saved stuff to it...I've tried it on three different computers and can't get to the files...does anyone know of anyway to retrieve the stuff it is really important...thanks guys
Sorry can't help you there.

Also remember, never store anything important on a floppy disk unless you have a backup. The break more often than my grandma's hips.
Try BadCopy. It's shareware, costs about 40 bucks, but it's worth it. The shareware version only checks the disk to see whether or not the file(s) can be saved and if you pay for a license, you can extract the files. I used a cracked (I know, I know, but I was very desparate) version of this program and it worked wonderfull. I saved most of the files of the disk, including the important ones.
Originally posted by Zedric
They break more often than my grandma's hips.
LOL :p
So true! I stopped using floppies a long time ago. It's a sure-shot way of losing your data.
Either store your files online (FTP), on another computer (file server), or on CD-R/RW.

This laptop doesn't even have a floppy drive. :D


This does not resolve the issue, but it seems that if you format a floppy and store files via previous op system ( 98 etc) they cannot often be read by XP.
However if you format and use via XP then reuse on others its OK!
Does not seem to have happen with other combination of systems.
You could try to copy to disc via Win 98 then re access disc in XP to convert back to formatted floppy on XP.
Long winded but possible.

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