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2x256MB DDR vs 2x512MB DDR


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I'm about to purchase a dual channel kit of OCZ PC3200-EL EBPlatinum and I was just wondering really if I would find a very significant difference in my machine if I bought the 2x256 or the 2x512. Basicly what Im looking at is weather or not the performance increase is worth the extra $208CA ($159US) or not? What do you guys think?

I'm running a P4 3.0 w/800fsb and dual channel ram by the way



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i'm not entirely sure to be honest. right now i'm running i think it's 2 sticks of Kingston DDR400 256MB on dual channel. Either way it would beat out using only one stick of 256 or 512. if you plan on doing a whole lot of online gaming or anything uber resource heavy, then i'd say the 2 sticks of 512.
Bus is 800MHz (PC3200 = 2*(200MHz*2)) on dual channel, same bus on 2x256mb and 2x512mb, same RAM access rates, same speeds.

More RAM = More programs stored in memory = Faster

I bid for the 2x512mb can't ever get enough RAM I say (that is Windows can't get enough RAM...), I can't stand a system with much less than 1gb running winXP.

Prices can vary with the CAS rating of the RAM as well, the lower the CAS the better the RAM. Read more about CAS...
Go with the 512's for sure if you are into gaming, graphics work etc. or leave a lot of applications open all the time. If not you can get by with the 256's.

I needed 768 to run BF1942 smoothly and 1 gig would be nice now that I'm into UT2004. I lock up for a couple seconds when the game has to pull textures off the HD.


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UT2004? that doesn't need THAT much. i'm on Dual channel DDR400 512MB total, GeForceFX 5700, P4 2.4 OC'd to 3.0, and i have every setting as high as it can go at i think 1024x768 and running like butter.
well it all depends what ur going to be running. i actaully think u don't even need the 2x512. cuz i was using 2x256 and it ran halo and UT perfectly. and it ran doom3 decently


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if you can afford it go for the 2x512...you never ever ever can have too much memory...especially if you have a mid to low end graphics card the memory will help that card be "faster" (not really It will just seem faster)
Well, from what I've seen is a lot of people like to have the 256MB x 2 because sometimes limiting the amount will force your computer to be more productive with the processor and whatnot.

Almost like saying if you have more ram, your computer becomes lazy because it has more options to store data.

I know that's a very odd way of looking at it, but It's fairly similar to the Xeon and it's use of DDR2700 chips and HT.

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