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2pin and 3 pin fan connectors


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i am upgrading my cooling on my computer and i have a 9600xt that has a 2 pin fan connector
the fan that i want is a 3 pin
i heard somewhere else that u can connect a 3 pin connector into a 2 pin slot as long as as u get the + and - pins right

is this true?
i think the way it works is that one pin is +, one is -, and the 3rd one is either a sensor or neutral, so if the fan has 3 thingies you can try connecting it to the motherboard, you could read the manual that comes with it might be helpful
yea it still gets the same power to the fan, the graphics card has a 2 pin coz the original fan had a 2 pin, but the one you updgraded to is a 3 pin fan so yea you could jsut connect it to the motherboard i dont see why it couldn't be done
To answer the question. Yes, you can rewire the fan.

The three pins are usually +12V (usually red), Ground (usually black), speed sensor (usually yellow).

Don't trust the adapter in that post above. It is for a different use. There are fan adapters around. I saw one posted in another thread heer at OSNN. I'll go see if I can find it.

As for wheer on the MB. Depends on your motherboard. Some have multiple case fan power headers you could use if the wires are long enough.


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iceman7311 said:
how would i do it myself?
i think he meant buying a 2 pin coupling and wiring it to your needs. And by doing so if you did it backwards the fan would run backwards which is no real big deal. you could then wire it correctly or turn the fan around.
Two options for do it yourself:

1) Easiest is find a 2 pin connector on something else (like the original fan) and cut it off leaving about an inch and a half of wire on the conenctor end to work with. Strip the rubber off the two wires for about 3/8 inch using your fingernail. These wires are too delicate to use sharp tools on. Cut the three pin connector off the new fan leaving about an inch and a half of wire so you can reuse it in the future. Strip the rubber off the black and red wires on the fan for about 3/8 inch. Leave the yellow wire insulated you won't be using it. Now twist the bare parts of the red wires together and twist the bare parts of the black wires together. Preferably solder them at this point or you can use very small wirenuts (solderless connectors) or crimp connectors. Now tape up the bare wire with electrical tape (scotch tape will work also). Then tape all three wires together to keep a neater package. It's done.

2) This is the ugly way if you don't have a 2 pin conneector. Not recommended for the inexperienced. You get some cutting /carving tools (file, sharp pocket knife, exacto knife etc) reshape the 3 pin connector. You basically cut off the end of the 3 pin connector with the yellow wire. Then file or shave off any keying features (fins, slots etc.) This is now a dangerous, universal connector. Dangerous because you can plug it in backwards. You need to know for sure which side of the conenctor on the video board should have the red and black wires attached.

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