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when I set up Xp I had 1 hhd and my writer. Every thing was ok
so i put in my other hhd and my cdrom. C:\ as master ide 1
and cdrom slave. Writer as master on ide 2 2nd hhd as slave. But when I tried to reboot got blue screen with heeps of writing. So I swap every thing about put 2 hhd on same ribbon and cdroms on the other Xp started up ok. Is this just an Xp thing or is there some thing I am missing.

amd 800 128meg XP Pro
you'd have to let us know what the blue screen said the error was, it's possible you had a jumper wrong or such or you need to change the boot.ini first...just let us know what the error on the blue screen is :)
i have mine as

hd as master on 1
cdwr as slave on 1

dvd as master on 2
hd as slave on 2
(i've also had these two the other way around)

always worked ok
not sure if this is bs but I heard you never put the burner and cd-rom on the same ide channel...get buffer and underrun errors....never tried it I always do it master hard drive burner slave...and ide2 back up drive and cd rom..
thanks for all your help. Plugged up everything the way it show be, then i ran the repair function on xp disk, deleted all system files and set up again when it had finished everything working great. Thanks again to all who replied

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