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2900XT length?

How long are these cards? I'm looking on newegg but they dont have the size listed. My 6800GT just barley fits in my LIAN LI PC-65B right now. and its about 8-9 inches.



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The 2900 is a little longer than the 6800.

My old 6800 was about the same length, maybe just shorter than my 1950. The 2900 is a smidgen longer, but it is still shorter than the 8800gtx.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Negative, only certain system integrator cards will be that length and I am not sure if the actual PCB is that length or the card including an extended fan shroud/mounting mechanism to hold it in place.

It HAS to be a heavy card given the number of transistors and power management features on the product plus the sheer size/cooling capacity of that HUGE blower.

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