27.42 refresh rate fix?



I have the refresh rate fix, and I also downloaded the file that you need in order to fix the refresh rate on the new 27.42 drivers. But what do I do with the file? I know it explained everything on the site I got it from but I can't access the site anymore (too much traffic). It's a .inf file, and I don't know where it would go. The 27.42 drivers I have are in an .exe file...

Also, with the refresh rate fix is there any way to have it fix only games? I want to run games at whatever fps they can get to so I don't want windows screwing with it, but now I can't select a lower refresh rate for my desktop. Before using the fix I could select 60, 65, 70, 75.... Now the only option is 85hz. I suppose I should just be happy that the fix lets me view the games properly, (is that the right word?) but I don't know that I need my desktop set at such a high refresh rate. (Is there even a big difference between settings on the desktop?)

After using the fix I get a friendly reminder from microsoft that the system has "recovered from a serious error" every time I restart my computer. I don't know if the refresh rate fix is what has caused my computer to continually experience a serious error, but it is the only non windows-kosher program I used before the errors started. Its more of a nuisance than anything else, but if I could get rid of that I would be very happy.

Thanks, yeah I found them. I had the file from that site, but when I tried to access the site for instructions I got a message saying that it had exceeded its limit so I couldn't view the page.

Resolutions w/ New Drivers?

I have a 19" Flat Screen and I'm currently at 1600x1200 w/ a crappy refresh of 60Hz. Do any of you get better refresh rates at that resolution? If so then I will update my drivers.

What are the risks of using these updated drivers and what have been the side effects so far- everyone?

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