24bit SB Live! 7.1 Any comments?

Yes, there's a new SB Live! with the specs mentioned in the title. It has 100db. Supports EAX advanced HD (not sure if it is 3.0 or 4.0). 96khz DAC, etc.. Think this is only being manufactured in Korea's Creative branch. Wondering if anyone has seen this and knows anything about it (if it is good or not). Priced abit above a SB Live! so the price is very attractive.


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So essentially it's an Audigy? Regardless of the price, I'd say it isn't worth it unless you are a hardcore gamer that needs EAX.

See if you can dig up a link or whitepaper or something.
Yes, I am into games and so the EAX would come in handy. But I can live without em since I'm not a hardcore gamer, IF i would be able to get my hands on one of that card you mentioned above. Unfortunately, I can't find it here where I live.

Here is the webpage with the picture of the Live 24-Bit version

The english version of the page is under construction. And there's a line right below the picture where you'll see the AUDIGY and LIVE together. It translates to this: Audigy level high performance LP type 7.1 channel SB Live! 24-Bit 7.1

It costs less than an Audigy and a little bit above the original SB Live! 5.1
So what do you think? How significant is the improvement from 16-Bit to 24-Bit. Is it worth it? Any guesses?
Personally, I have an Audigy 2 Platinum, capable of EAX 4.0 and all that, but I owned a Hercules Fortissimo III before and liked it better. Creative's drivers are consistently bad; the KX drivers are the only thing keeping my Audigy 2 off of eBay. The Turtle Beach Catalina may be worth a look before you pick up the Creative. It has support for EAX, 7.1 surround, superb drivers, 24-bit decoding, and it has a built-in amplifier for the mic port, which is the one and only reason I bought a Creative.

I just need to convince my wife that this is a justifiable purchase ;)

[edit] Just checked some prices...this can be gotten for less than $55...heck, I don't even need to ask.


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Live 24bit 7.1 specs & reviews

Does NGO driver support AudigyLS and Live 24bit 7.1?
Live 24bit 7.1 has the exactly same chip as AudigyLS - CA0106-DAT
And it does not support DD and DTS It also lacks EAX 4.0 ; it only support up to EAX 3.0.
but it does support 10-band EQ instead of 7-band EQ.
And here are reivews of the Live 24bit 7.1



Review#3 1/2
Review#3 2/2


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