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24 Season 8


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Started last Sunday, thoughts?
I think its pretty good so far, I just hate how we don't know anybody anymore. I want them to bring Tony back.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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It's been ok.. 24 jumped the shark a couple seasons back - wondering if they will manage to bring some of the magic back.

CTU has some swanky new digs..

As for not knowing anyone, a lot of the roles are really the same type of character.. the techno weenie, the CTU agent with issues, and of course Chloe O'brien is back. I think they brought Renee back to bring some continuity in the series.. and Freddie Prinze is almost filling the role of a young/inexperienced Tony


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I agree that there are the same type of characters but they don't have the connection that viewers had built with characters like Tony, Palmer, Michelle, Curtis and even Chase. I mean, I could see them arguably saying Palmer, Tony, and Michelle needed to go because they were there for long, but Chase was there for no time it seems and Curtis... why was that necessary at all? If they have any hopes of continuing the series without Jack Bauer (as kiefer sutherland indicates he wants to do) they would have to groom another character that the people like and think is bad ass, as far as that goes, how long can they string Jack Bauer along as a sort of Brett Favre of the anti-terrorist world?


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I'm liking this season so far, seems very similar to season seven in terms of pacing. Season seven was pretty decent but I agree with you fitz that the show did jump the shark probably in season six. I personally feel that season five was hands down the best season the show has had.

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