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25 Aug 2004
So, what did you guys think of the premiere last night? I'm so hyped that the show is back on.... its been way to long since I heard Jack yell at someone. Anyone have any theories yet on whats going on?

An idea that I have:

I think that Tony is not a bad guy, but I think he is using shady tactics to do something good. I'll even guess that he is going to try and clear Jacks record with his neat-o firewall killer.
I lost track of the entire show. The last ep. I watched was the Mall scare. never kept my interest. I might have to try again from the beginning
Yeah, Season six was a bit of a mess. (I think that's when that happened)

Its been so long since then though, I'm excited just to see the show back on the air. That writers strike took the show down for over a year since Fox decided to just wait until the next broadcast year to start the show rather than starting mid-season.
I'm liking it so far. But I said the same thing after 2 night premiere of season 6 too. I'm just hoping it doesn't get too crazy.
i have seen the redemption one and have the 4 to watch, i havent seen them yet but i think i know who is behind the human rights stuff
Agreed. Starting strong, hopefully the writers keep their word and this season lives up to pre season six quality. Although I'm not holding my breath for anything close to the awesomeness of season 5.
Me waits for "Burn Notice".
Burn Notice is a great show.

I'm wondering if they will kill jack off this season.

or if that infection will take longer than a day to kill him. Unless he kills himself.

Speaking of 24, what does everyone think of the new season?
I personally thought when it started that it was going to be bad. But sure enough I've been roped in again, and I'm liking it. When the season started it was almost depressing realizing the only person the audience still knows is Jack Bauer and Chloe. I wonder why the show feels they need to change every friggin character every season, bring Tony back or you shouldn't have killed off everyone that we know and like.
I gave up on it. I actually burst out laughing when Jack and Chloe "enhanced" the footage of the medallion on the cab to track down the assassin. I kept watching, hoping it would redeem itself. It hasn't. I gave up permanently sometime after Renee revealed herself to be a former Russian informant. Such BS, it reminded me of how Vince McMahon used to bring old wrestlers back onto TV with ridiculous plot lines.
Thanks for the sharing a good news this show is also my favorite show, I'm wondering if they will kill jack off this season.
Sorry Buddy,
24 was canceled after the last season and no they didn't kill Jack off... saving that for a movie I guess
The show really went down hill in the later seasons. Too bad really as it was once upon a time a very well written and executed drama.

Unsticking this thread also btw.
I am also agreed. Beginning powerful, hopefully the authors keep their term and this year lifestyles up to per year six quality. Although I'm not having my breathing for anything near to the masterdom of year 5.
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