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16 Aug 2003
I am searching for a legit seller of a ac adapter for my ps3 and 360 both are us spec and I live in Germany now. I would like to get an adapter instead of using a transformer all the time since it is an extra 200 to 300 watts being wasted every time I use either of them. Do the European consoles come 220v already? Is there a European version of gamestop maybe they sell them?
all you will need is a new power cable to interface to the voltage. PS3 has a built-in power converter. All you should need is a different PS3 power cable to handle the voltage and accept the different prong outlet

I'm sure you can find a cable online or at the nearest tech store by you

If they use power bricks on the floor read the labels bricks. If they have built in power converters check for a label on the back that should say the same things. The labels are required before sale in the US or Europe.

They will probably say 100-240V. That means they are designed to work in US or Europe.

99% of new tech equipment is built to run on either 110 or 220V volts to save manufacturing costs. For Europe all you need is an adapter plug, a couple bucks at Radio Shack if you had bought before you left the US.

So who conned you into buying a transformer? Power supplies have been dual rated since around 2000.

Who told you it uses a couple hundred watts? Transformers are 99% efficient.

If it is a frequency and voltage converter that is different. Though same question on who conned you. BTW 200W of losses is rediculous even with a frequency converter. The sucker would be blasting heat off of it.

About the only thing that would need a frequency and voltage converter is something with an induction motor in it. Like a vacuum cleaner. Or much older equipment like maybe an analog TV.
I am skeptical about electronics being dual voltage after my last tv blew up when I plugged it in. It was only two years old an LCD that said 110~ and I was told that the ~ means 110 and up, if it only says 110 then it is 110 only. The 360 power brick says only 110 so I am guessing that one will blow, but I haven't been able to check on my ps3 it isnt here yet. As for the transformers always pulling max power that they are rated for it is just what they tell you when you get here.
~ means approximately not 110 or higher.

If something is dual voltage it'll say 110-240 :)

You plugged a straight 110 into a 240 power supply.

I don't suppose you have pictures of plugging it in?

A tilde ~ before a number means approximately.
~110 means approximately 110.

A tilde after a number means Volts Alternating Current.
110~ means 110 Vac as opposed to DC like in batteries.

Fenris somebody screwed you royally telling you that.
Yeah I'm just glad I was already shopping for a new tv anyway, so it wasn't much of a loss.

Like LeeJend said Tilde before Approx, tilde after AC current...

I had to dig to find a picture of one but finally found one...

When you get your PS3 look at the power supply then compare to this JPEG:


Note where is says AC INPUT:
That means it will work anywhere in that range of AC voltage...

You dont have to worry about frequency differences either as it does say 50/60 hz...


Mike A!
Bassmaster is right :)

As i stated in my post. The PS3 is universal.
Alright thanks I will make sure to compare it before I try.

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