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20GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache

120GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache

I just replaced my 80GB 7200rpm Maxtor with a 120GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache and for some reason it runs a little slower.... i dunno why but my maxtor felt more responsive, now everytime i click on something its like it takes a few secs to think about it then does it,.... i can also hear it working more oftne then my 80gb.... hmmm i wonder if i have a setting wrong or something cause i am almost sure that this WD should be faster than my maxtor..... anyone have any ideas?


ps... could it be that my MAXTOR was ATA133 and this one is ATA100?


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Do you have the old drive still in there as a slave? If so you can bench mark them side by side - there's a utility called quickbench here - http://www.rundegren.com/

Oh and of course they are both fully defragged and sorted, yeah?

With a slave do think about moving your page file and print spool over there - if it is truly slower just make it your secondary drive and move data there keeping your original drive as primary - no sweat ;)

i was thinking about benching them but its too late... originally i had the 120GB WD in my XBOX and the 80GB MAXTOR on my pc, then i did the switch-a-roo so the xobx has the 80 and my PC has the 120, ... too bad :(

btw, they were both formatted in NTFS and had indexing off

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