20GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache


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7 Jun 2002
120GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache

I just replaced my 80GB 7200rpm Maxtor with a 120GB WD 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache and for some reason it runs a little slower.... i dunno why but my maxtor felt more responsive, now everytime i click on something its like it takes a few secs to think about it then does it,.... i can also hear it working more oftne then my 80gb.... hmmm i wonder if i have a setting wrong or something cause i am almost sure that this WD should be faster than my maxtor..... anyone have any ideas?


ps... could it be that my MAXTOR was ATA133 and this one is ATA100?
Do you have the old drive still in there as a slave? If so you can bench mark them side by side - there's a utility called quickbench here - http://www.rundegren.com/

Oh and of course they are both fully defragged and sorted, yeah?

With a slave do think about moving your page file and print spool over there - if it is truly slower just make it your secondary drive and move data there keeping your original drive as primary - no sweat ;)

i was thinking about benching them but its too late... originally i had the 120GB WD in my XBOX and the 80GB MAXTOR on my pc, then i did the switch-a-roo so the xobx has the 80 and my PC has the 120, ... too bad :(

btw, they were both formatted in NTFS and had indexing off
yes that would be an issue. the 8mb cache would make it faster hands down.

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