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2007 NBA Playoffs


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What a Clinic put on by the Pistons tonight...hahahaha the Bulls have no chance. So they beat the heat, big deal, old and stale. Detroit once again showing consistent Defense and Power. and The bench is playing great.

I smell sweep:)


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Since everyones team seems to be out, I gues I'll just keep this thread to myself. Pistons will sweep this series. I am sick and tired every year all the so called experts have such bitterness toward the Detroit Pistons. Never praising them for the hard work and total whoppin they have put on who they have faced. The Bulls are going down.

Eastern Finals, then the Finals ....sorry i got off on a rant.:squareeye.Thanks To charles barkley for finally stepping up and picking the Pistons to win.


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The Eastern Conference isn't near as good as the Western, so I expect a Western team to win it all regardless. The Heat were not the best team last year, and it still makes me sick that Dallas choked in that series, which they did once again this year, only earlier.

I expect the Suns or Spurs to win it all, though I do expect Detroit to be the one they face in the Finals.


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Sadly, my bulls have completely fell apart after the Miami series. I didn't expect them to win the series against the pistons, but I at least expected more of a fight.. I would have called it Detroit in 6.. now it's looking like Detroit in 4.


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Detroit could win.

The west may be better but they are going to wear themselves out playing at such a high level for so many games.

Remember when Detroit beat the lakers a few years back?

Just think how great those lakers and spurs teams were to progress and win so many years, even with the best teams around them. Same with the bulls back in the day.

Regarding the bulls now, they beat a broken down Miami team. I expected them to actually give the Pistons a run but they have been making stupid decisions all series long.

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