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2000 domain to 2008

Hi all,

Been a while, hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to get your opinions on something related to a VERY small domain I administer. We have this domain comprising of a domain controller (also is a file server) and 2 computers. If it had been me that set it up in the beginning I would have just left it as a workgroup since only 2 PCs authenticate to it. Anyway, this domain controller is currently running windows server 2000, and it is a very old server. Well I finally got the budget to upgrade it (yey!). I bought a windows 2008 server to replace that one.

My question to you all is which of the 3 options below would you go with?

1. Join the 2008 server to the 2000 domain and promote it?
2. Do away with the 2000 domain and just replace the whole domain altogether?
3. Do away with the 2000 domain and leave the 2008 as a workgroup?

Option 1 seems to be a lot of work for not too much payoff so I am debating it from the start.

Ok any input is appreciated.

Thanks guys
for just 2 machines I'd jump on number 2.

You could do number 1 then remove the 2000 dc and upgrade AD to 2008 R2 but the workstations would need to be win 7 ideally.

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