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I've set up XP so that all members of my family have their own logon so that they can customise their screens, programs they use etc. - no problem there!

However, is there any way that I can set it so that my wife and I can use the same email settings through Outlook Express? At the moment, if I receive any emails, they come into my inbox (I have also got filters to move them into individual's folders). But, when my wife logs in, she can not see these emails through her copy of Outlook Express.

Obviously, if I remove our individual logins, this will solve this problem, but then mean that we have to have shared screen settings.

What I'm basically after is to be able to have multi user accounts that can access a single global email system.

You might give this a try:

Open Outlook Express. Go to Tools> Options> "Maintenance" tab> Store Folder. Under both User accounts (yours and your wifes) set the same location for storing your messages in. Don't know if it will work but it's worth a shot. Good luck.

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