2 sound cards...


Dabba Dooba
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Hey everybody

I have an audigy 2 zs sound card and onbaord ac97.

I turned on my onboard one because it was disabled and it still doesnt detect it.

See I have a car amp hooked up to my 2 12's using a power supply. I have an adapter i found where i can hook the rca cables to the adapter so i can hook it into my sound card.

Now if i want to run my subs I can only put it in the green slot otherwise I can't get sound but if I do that that means I have to unplug the wire for the computer speakers.

So is there a way I can have the subs hooked up to one soundcard and my pc speakers to another?


Folding Team
As the soundcard is going to be processing the sound I very much doubt it.
Why not have 1 set hooked up to an auxiliary port? giving 2 outputs?
Or use the green and black and have one set as front and the other as rear as in a 4 speaker setup?


Dabba Dooba
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I got it now :p

None of my outputs were working besides the green and thats because my settings were set for 2.1.

I never noticed because i dont have my rear speakers anymore just my front 3 so i never knew it was different.

Now its all good :)