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2 sound card


Very xp-erianced
Have a creative audity sound card for me 5.1 games but would like to enable the onboard sound AC'97 to use for the headphones. any ideas how???:confused:


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Get a split lead for your sound and put the headfones in one of sockets and the normal speaker in the other socket and in then place it on the Audigy card.. thats what i do and i havent experienced any problems with the sound quality or any error messages.. Split leads cost about £2 so its not bursting the bank or anything :D , i used to have 4 split leads coming out of my AC97 card when i got my Cambridge Soundworks DTT2250 Speakers so that all of the speakers would play sound but then i gotta Audigy Card which has enough ports so i just use one Split lead which goes into my front speaker port so that i can listen to music at night :D

So try using a Split lead, its alot easier than tackling through window errors

Hope this helps :)

Sincerly Alex

Besides, if you have two soundcards it will probably just play on one at the time. At least in games and such.


Very xp-erianced
use the digital out for the speakers and the analoge for the headphones but i have to keep change the digital output only when ever i want to change. Oh well:(
Two soundcards, as long as they are differnet, will work.

However, I imagine that windows will have some difficulty choosing which one to pump sound out of :)

I have onboard enabled, as well as my sound card, well, nothing happens, bad that is.


ive found from experience that the onboard sound takes priority over the other sound cards installed.

so if you want an audigy for games for example, i wouldnt be so sure it would work as im sure it would use the ac97 (i could be wrong though :))

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