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  1. Just need to know how to fire up Microsoft System Infomation properley, I stumble across it when a program I got came with a .nfo txt file but it fired up system info instead.

    The next question is how to disable things starting up on startup, there is a tab in system info but you cant delete the values, I know how to do it through registry but if I could do it an easy way that would be good.

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    open up .nfo's with notepad

    as for programs on start up, disable them using msconfig

    go to command prompt and type "msconfig" Disable what you don't need on startup.
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    I don't know the answer to your first question, but the second question I know.

    Try using tweak-xp, with this program you can manage the things that are automaticcaly started at startup.

    You can find the program here

    hope this helps :D
  4. nice 1 cheers, used both your info :)
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    When you open a nfo file for the first time, hold down shift, right click on it and choose "open with..."