2 quick problems

1. when ever i drag anything from one folder to another it copies it instead of moving it

how do i make it move by default (without having to right click drag)

2. i used to be able to resise pictures from windows default picture viewer but now i cant, how do i get this sorted ?

thx for any help :D
ok umm.... i dont get what your sayin

click what?

oh hold on

rephrase question

how do i left click drag files to move them instead of having to right-click drag then select "move here"


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Problem #1

It depends on where you are dragging from and to. If you are dragging from one drive to another drive, by default it copys it. If you are dragging from one spot on a drive to a different spot on the same drive, it moves it. The easiest way to fix it is instead of left click and dragging, do a right click and drag. That way you will get an menu asking to move, copy, or create a shortcut.

Problem #2

Ain't figured it out yet.


To problem 1 : press and hold the Ctrl key, while dragging the file, to copy it - press and hold the Shift key to move it - press and hold both of them to make a shortcut.


If you think of the 'resize pictures' option in the rightclick menu, you need the imageresizer powertoy from the MS Powertoy set. The link is on the frontpage.


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It is to my understanding that this program is designed for viewing only. You can't edit and image or picture with it. In fact you can't even open or save a image from within the program. However, if you right-click on the image you should ge a menu with the option to edit. Click on edit and Paint should come up. Now you can do your resizing.

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