2 problems with my site using frontpage

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2 Jul 2002
Hi im using frontpage to make my site and I have 2 problems..

1) its geting hard for me to line up my buttons and then trying to put a GIF to the right of the site. look @ first pic for reference.

2)My background for my site is acting very weird. I want it so the backgrounhd picture is maxiomized b/c if go certain lines down it will repeat the pattern thing.


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You shouldn't use Microsoft Frontpage first of all. It's crappy.
you have one major problem which you need to fix first


and I am not kidding
I'm not sure what you're using to place the images in their respective places, but a good way to do it would be to use CSS positioning. Check out www.w3schools.org for tutorials on this.
Frontpage is your biggest problem. Maybe if you could up your page somewhere, we can have a look at the code.
ugh i still can't figure it out. i kinda did something cool but I can't get it so the background image is just maximized. it still does the thing where like if i press enter then eventually it will go into a white background...
Off the top of my head ... the problem there is that drum picture. The games button always comes under the drum picture because Frontpage makes terrible code.. You need to start using tables and put your buttons in rows as well as those drums. Also, looks horrible at my resolution (1280x1024) ... it ends up tiling.

BTW, shouldn't this be in the coding and design section?
yeah i know it ends up tiling, its what im trying to fix. :( also how should i go about making tables...? could you explain b/c im really stupid. and this thread could go under applicaton b/c frontpage isn't working like it should! hehe
As pointed out, it's turned into more of a coding question now.
Thread moved to Coding

The CSS code that cryogenic has up there should fix the issues you're having with the background.
That's better as far as alignment goes... Add the code I posted above to make the bg not tile on higher resolutions. It tiles pretty badly on 1280x1024. I run 1024x768 at home, and it looks ok at that resolution.. but at 1280x1024, it tiles 4 times over.
Create a file stylesheet.css in Notepad and put the above code in.
Upload the CSS file to the same folder as the HTML files on the web server.
Add the following line to the <head> section of your HTML files:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css" title="Default" />
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