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2 nic how to route all computer


OSNN One Post Wonder
i have 3 computers
First one: have Two Nic and ADSL Internet connection
and every other have one nic
i plug first computer with both by two nic
i cant use Same ip sequence for pc1 and pc3
because i used ip 192.168.0.X for pc2 and 192.168.10.X for pc3
and both for pc1


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I dont really understand why your network is setup this way. Why not just connect PC3 to the switch.

Also, how do you connect to the internet, USB, Ethernet?


OSNN One Post Wonder
i have broadband internet by USB MODEM
my switch port is full
i use windows internet sharing and want prevent pc3 to use internet
The way you set up you have 2 networks. You have to bridge the 2 networks in PC 1 Setup.
-In Help & Support search for Bridge.
-Select the Bridge Connections link.
-Follow the instructions.

But if you bridge the 2 networks then PC 3 may be able to see the internet.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
If your willing I would buy a router with enough ports for all computers, then get an ethernet modem. With the router you can then block PC3 from using the internet via it's ip address.

This would be much easier to setup and wouldnt require PC1 to be on and think if you format you wouldnt have to set this all up again. Not to mention the drain on PC1 with all the computers connecting through it.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I guess if the person whose on it isnt really a pro you could set the IP statically and not set a DNS or gateway. That should block the internet, other then that I dont kno as Im not a fan of ICS and have no idea of its features and such.

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