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I've got an ADSL connection at home that works quite happily. I've also got a dial-up connection to my work place which works quite happily.

If I'm using the 'net via ADSL and I dial into work Windows XP starts trying to route my internet access through my dial up connection to work.

How does windows decide which connection to use for internet access? Is there any way to tell the windows to stick with the ADSL connection rather than trying to use my work connection?

I've had a little google around and I can't find anything about dual connections, plenty about ICS, home networking, routers etc, but nothing covering my current problem.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks,


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I think I might have the answer (not sure) because I have to make a change to my VPN connection so that internet acces is not routed that way...

take the connection you do NOT want access going via (work I guess) and go to properties>>>Networking tab>>>TCP/IP properties>>>>Advanced there should then be a check box saying use default gateway on remote network maybe? And that should be checked?

For me with VPN if I uncheck that all is tickety boo again.

Post back if that helps, or if not and I am sure others will help - this must have come up before. (Let us know your browser too, folks will probably assume IE I suspect)


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cool makes me feel all useful - also :) at the way the M$ defaults always seem to be the ones you don't want! hehe

give me a rep point if you like, it's good for your power button too!

[EDIT] see you did, ignore this post, well the rep point part anyway! [/EDIT]


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Ok, just to throw another config in the mix, I've got two NIC's in a machine at work and I'm trying to do the same thing, specify which connection my internet connection goes over. Unfortunately the tick box that solved my problem for the Dial Up connection isn't there on the NIC tab for some reason.

Any ideas?


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I think we may need a little more information now - are you using a Proxy or anything? I am assuming since it is at work that 'net access will be through network (obviously!) and this is a different situation - previously you were ticking for a connection.

Or do you have your own modem and connect dial-up through switchboard, or what? I am wondering if you need two Nics at work, or why (again, I probably should not ask though!)


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One NIC is hooked up to the LAN, which has a router as a gateway to the internet. The other NIC is hooked directly up to an ADSL modem. ADSL for me, ISDN for the rest of the network :) until I can get the ADSL router working (see other post).

I suppose I could just remove the gateway IP from the LAN connection, but I was wondering if there was another option.


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Nick said:
... until I can get the ADSL router working (see other post)....
I would focus my efforts on that first then - should be a doddle (not seen your post, but may look into it after lunch if I am not busy installing my Tagan PSU, Zalman ATI cooler, and Gigabyte cooler that arrived this morning


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Should be - you pop up north for a day and set it up then :p

I've set up routers before without any trouble. I've got nowhere with it, the tech support guys where I bought it from and at Nokia (it's a Nokia IP40) have dialled in and tried things and no-one has managed to get anywhere so far. It seems to be blocking/firewalling connections from the adsl modem, like dhcp info to assign IP and DNS servers.

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