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2 Network cards?


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Ok so im on a wireless network with my linksys Wusb thing, My router is in my parents office, im planning on moving the router into my room and having the linksys wireless in the office. But my one problem is my pc is networked to my xbox, can i have two network cards hooked up without an issue? One for my xbox and one for internet?

Just thought, my modem/router has an option for usb, is that better than going through my network card?


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No problem, go for it.

Issue each one their own IP address, that's it.

Stick with the network card, instead of the USB option, easier to configure


Admiral Michael

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Why does your XBOX connect through your computer? Can't you connect it to your router directly since your moving it?

Also don't use USB (UnSuitable for Broadband) :p


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well.... USB would be suitable for broadband.... depending what speed of broadband.... and whether using USB or USB2. USB is capable of what..... 4MB/s?

the only issue i know with using USB is the fact that you have a chance of driver/installation issues. using a network cable, it's usually just plug it in and go.

and as Admiral said... since you're moving the router, why not just connect the Xbox to the router directly?


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Why does your XBOX connect through your computer? Can't you connect it to your router directly since your moving it?
Its a modem/router and it only has on connection (lame) plus the xbox is modded so having it online is great for xbmc and anything else i need..i would like a new modem/router...i have verizon so i think i need a verizon modem...i just hate having a modem and then a router connected, too m any issues..


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Could also hook a wireless bridge up to your xbox :)

There would be expense involved, but would work rather well.


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