2 monitors ?



I have my standard monitor pluged into my computer and it works great,
But i also have another which i would like to use aswell.
I have 2 graphics card (geforce 2 and voodoo 3).
If i plug my spare graphics card into my computer and my other omnitor into that will windows xp pro detect it and thats that,
or do i have to do somethiung else ?

If i do put them both on and i want to play a game does it stretch across the 2 screens because i don't wnat that !

Can anyone help me out ?


yes, once the drivers are installed for the second video card, it will auto detect. This is how it works:

goto your display properties, the settings, you will now see 2 screens in the window. there will be alittle tick box that you will need to check before the monitor will actually work. I forget exactly what it says, but it is something to the affect of "stretch desktop".

Once both monitors are up, the task bar will only be on the primary screen. A window is a window, full size only takes up one monitor, just as it does now. The benefit is that you can have 2 windows full size and be looking at both.

The mouse will span across both monitors (very neat feature).

Hope this helps!


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