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2 LinkSys Routers, 1 Cable Modem, Link them...



What I have:

1) LinkSys Instant Wireless Series "Wireless-G Broadband Router"
Model: WRT54G
2) LinkSys Instant Broadband Series "EtherFast Cable/DSL Router"
Model: BEFSR41
3) Cable Modem

Here's what it looks like:

Key: ~ = Wireless, - = RJ45

[PC1]---------------v v----------[PC2] v~~~~~~~~~~[PC3]
[Modem]---> [EtherFast]<--->[Wireless-G]

Now, the Modem goes into the WAN of the EtherFast, and the 3rd port of the EtherFast goes into the Uplink of the Wireless-G. Ports 1 & 2 of the EtherFast are filled with RJ45 from PC1 & PC2.

Can someone tell me how to statically route the two routers, while keeping the internet availible, AND both networks being able to see one another?

All I have came up with so far is static routing the Wireless-G to the EtherFast (set up as WAN) as a "router," and the EtherFast is set up as a gateway w/RIP-2. I have also routed the EtherFast to the Wireless-G to see if that helps, no luck.

All of the comptuers can access the internet right now with my setup, however, they cannot see one another on the network! Someone help!

Thanks in advance,
Does the wireless router have LAN ports? If so just throw out the old router and only use the wireless router. Having more than one router is very needless.


The problem is that by having two routers you have setup two different networks.

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