2 IE versions on XP


7 Apr 2002
Hi guys,
I see that we lost all previous posting! :eek: Well, let's rebuild that thing up!

I'm wondering if it is possible to install 2 versions of IE (5.0 and 6.*) on windows XP. The purpose is to test websites with both versions (especially 5.0) without loosing the other one.


Ok then if I correctly uninstall IE 6 will I be able to install 5.0 since XP comes with 6.0 by default?
would a virtual pc app come in handy if its not possible ?
GoNz0 said:
would a virtual pc app come in handy if its not possible ?
XP is already in VMWare (installed over Linux) and I think it would be a bit too nasty to install another VM on the machine
yup you can

Yes you can do it, pretty easily. The original solution is linked to in this site, which has done all the work and zipped the installation. I haven't tried it (don't have a need) but it looks like it works.

2 versions of IE in XP


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