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I am not sure if this would be different in different places but I need to ask. I think this question is mainly asking how does internet work but let me ask what I want to know.

In my house we have 4 computers connected to a router, to one ISP (Rogers in Canada). Now I use the most bandwidth and useage, my father can't stand the slow speeds he gets because of what I use the internet for. We are moving in the next month to a new house and we are switching to a new company (Primus in Canada), now I just stated that just in case companies are what changes things.

What I want to know is if it's possible to have 2 services from the same company or even 2 companies in the same house. From what I understand all connections, even in a town area, its all the same wires, same connection so that is why things can slow down, but I am not sure about that or how things really work. I want to pay for my service with Primus, I pay monthly and get the speeds and everything I want. I want my father to have his own service with either primus or rogers on his own bills, speeds etc, which will not slow down mine or his.

I hope this makes sense, is this possible? What are my options.
If Primus is DSL then no, you can't have two modems on one line. You would need a second line for that. I'm not sure if it's cable, it may still affect your dad since cable is shared bandwidth and you would both be going through the same cable that runs to the street.
you can do that over here in the UK - they run two separate cables to the house and you have 2 different modems, you could always try QoS (quality of service) and set it so your dad gets the best speed for what he's doing while your doing what your doing, unless your gaming

Even though its cable if they set it so that you are on 2 different ports out in the street from the outlet - it should be fine, and yes you can do this with cable, because when i was working for a cable company over here we did it a few times :)

But as AM says if they split the cable (only the one going in to the house) from the street at the house you will still only have the same set-up you have now
Well in Canada they can do a second line but it's called a dry loop and it can cost from $10-$20 more on top of the internet bill.
yes its extra here too, but think if you had the top tier we can get, lowly 20 you would have 40mb going into the house, more than enough :p

mind you im waiting for the 50mb package to come out :)
So if I were paying for a 60/month service and my dad wanted to pay for his own say 40/month service, we have to pay that plus about $20 extra on top?

*Wait, what if I went with DSL (Primus) and he went with Cable (Rogers), would I pay that extra fee? Does that work?
you would pay for one service he would pay for another and yes if the services are available in your area i believe you can do that

i think for the other they may do a deal, you would have to ring them and ask them
Thanks guys, I will let you know what they say, should be around the end of September we will be doing this.
Why don't you just get a t1 or fiber ?? that would solve all your issues..
Your best bet would be to do Cable and DSL if you already use cable TV. If not, then they usually charge you for cable TV plus internet just to get the internet part.

Two independent phone lines costs a lot more than $20 in the USA, but that is what you would need if you both want high speed DSL. The USA system uses substations (covering neighborhoods) which feed pedestals (covering 5-10 houses each). You can get 2 lines split out at your house with as single line from the pedestal but that will limit your bandwidth and is usually just for voice. On the other hand talk to your future ISP. There may be away to do what you want, especially if one connection is low bandwidth. i.e. split a 6 mbps DSL line with one 4 mbps and the other 750k.

Cable uses trunks that feed 5-10 houses with shared bandwidth and you are at the mercy of how much bandwidth your neighbors (or other residnets in the house) hog. Cable has more issues with bandwidth hogging than DSL does. The phone company has more DATA bandwith going out to the pedestals than cable has to the trunks, or rather it seems that way because most of the cable bandwidth is dedicated to TV channels.

Bottom line is talk to the ISPs. Just don't be surprised if they blow you off. ISPs are now bandwidth limited because they want to provide many new services through the same 20 year old wiring networks instead of going optical.

PS T1 is only 1.5 mbps, T3 is 3 mbps which is the same as mid range DSL. They charge about $150/month for a T1 line. Fiber already has to be laid into the neighborhood. Even with more bandwith if you run something like p2p it will choke the connection for other users. You need a smart router that will allocate usage for each user or physically seperate lines all the way back to a trunk line.
Yea I have to speak with them. Fiber is no option because from what I have heard no company anywhere near me is willing to pay the money to lay fiber wire around, plus it would be too expensive for me anyways. In the new house we probably won't have Cable TV, so Cable Internet and DSL Internet looks to be our option, though I am not sure what my Dad wants, he might want the best deal and I think the DSL company has the best deal, so 2x DSL, might cost alot more.
Well a dry loop fee would apply to a setup where you have DSL but no phone service on a line. A cable and DSL solution would probably be better for you. You should go with TekSavvy for DSL they have a $40 plan that's unlimited bandwidth, I know Sympatico has a 60GB cap which is 30UP/30DN.
You are forgetting that the upload speed is also 1.5 meg and a t3 is 44736 kbps (44 meg?), lee - ... and fiber here in the states is 199.00 a month for 50 meg down and 5 meg up - That is more than a t3 :). From what I have read and been told by Verizon, it is that speed no matter how computers you have downloading, I don't know how true that is as I have never used fiber yet. It will of course be a hundred years before it is available in my area. It's funny because they have it in Pitt and Phily, but not here in Happy Valley !!
Right now we get 10.0 Mbps, which is 1MB download.

Teksavvy is saying for the $40/month is 5M, is that 5MB or 5 Mbps?
But is it unlimited? Alot of ISPs have started introducing caps. I would rather have 5mbit and no cap then 7mbit and a cap. All that speed and no room to stretch your legs.

EDIT: No to mention TekSavvy doesn't block ANY ports and you can run a server on their connection.
It's not just being that speed, its going from 10 to 5 is a bit much for me now. I'd rather not go below 7 anymore. Plus the price isn't that great.

And just to clearify, I can have a Cable Service, a DSL service, and a phone service without issue in the same house correct?

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