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(2) Computers, 1/2 of Automatic services don't start


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Wow, I'm encountering more and more strange issues every day! Right now I have two computers upstairs that I'm attempting to deal with. Originally I was investigating why these machines have not reported to the WUS Server. When logging into one of the machines, I got my usual script host error (Which used to be resolved by rejoining the computer to the domain). Upon attempting to do that, I got a message saying that RPC Service failed. I checked into services.msc, and noticed that half of the services that were set to automatic did not start up.

Two of them were Automatic Updates, and Computer Browser. My problems trying to change the domain settings on the computers were resolved by starting the RPC Locator service. This service is set to Manual. Is that how it's supposed to be? When logging into the computers as Administrator, I get error messages saying that svchost was unable to start. It's funky because this is happening on two of the computers, not just a single isolated incident.

I will manually start the services, which everything except for the Security Manager & Firewall will startup... however when the computer is restarted the services won't start up.

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