1gb stick wont work in my laptop


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7 Jan 2004
i bought a stick of ram a few months back..and it wasnt working. ive posted on some forums but none of them were helpful..so hopefully this site can. i have a fujitsu n5010 laptop and it can hold 2 gigs of ram. when i bought it, it came with 512mb (2x256) pc2700 ddr333. its from micron technology. i knew that cause i checked the specs using cpuid. i decided to upgrade my ram to a gig so i bought 1gig of ram from frys electronics. same specs everything..or at least i think it is..its a corsair 1gb sodimm and its the valueselect one. i put it in just by itself without the other 256 and it worked for a while..then when i turn on my laptop it doesnt work and it gives me a beep like 1-3-4-3 I THINK?? im not sure..but yea it meant something about 512k test? the laptop goes on but screen is just black. and people told me to do that (512k test?) but i dont know how to heck to do that! whats wrong? what can i do? i even took it back and they said nothing was wrong with it and that it works fine with the factory installed memory brand that i bought it with. you think i have to have 2 sticks of 1gb for it to work??? i tried all combinations. first slot only second slot only. mixed the brands and memory. (1gb and 256mb) still nothing..i even asked in the forums and they said that corsair was one fo the best memory brands and kingston kingstone whatever it is..was the other one. is patriot good? cause thats the most expensive one next to corsiar the one i got thats left at the store..i even check corsairs site. and they have my laptop and memory everytyhing..and it doesnt work..please help..thanks so much..sorry for the long post.
it must be the memory itself...hmm..so meaning? what? what do i do?
What kind of processor? Usually any processor will work with just one stick, maybe at just half speed, but it should work. We need to know the details on the laptop to see if it will work with just one stick.

When using one stick it has to be in socket "0".

If the laptop is designed run daul channel you don't want to run it with one stick, it will run at half memory speed.

Ram usually lasts forever. And Corsair is a good brand, even the value line, it's all I use anymore. But even the best stuff can die...

If it worked ok at first then stopped working I'd suspect either the memory has degraded a little with time or the CPU, Chipset, power supply voltage or system temperature has. It could be any of the above.

1) Blow out the laptop MB, and cooling passages with "canned air" to get rid of any dust build up that will increase heating.
2) You should be able to relax the ram timing in the bios. it will be something like 7-2-2-2.5 You can read it with CPUz.exe (freeware at majorgeeks.com and other places). Turn off auto select and manually increase the numbers while using the original ram. 8-2-2-3 would be a starting point. Swap ram and see if the 1 gig stick works. There will be a minor speed decrease that you probably won't vene notice.
3) Adjusting RAM volatge on a laptop is not an option.
4) Nothing to be done with the CPU or chipset.

If the relaxed timing seem to work run a memory test program (memtest or sisoft sandra) to burn it in and make sure.

Like Vanq mentioned. If the ram is bad Corsair should replace it. They are a very reputable company. You might even be able to talk them into doing an exchange even if you lost the receipt. With luck they might even go for an exchange for the 1 gig to a pair of 512 mb if your laptop needs dual channel ram. For that matter you might be able to work something with frye's.

I checked the manual It should run fine with one stick.

The single stick should be in the bottom socket looking into the memory compartment. They call it slot 2.
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my specs on my laptop...

  • [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Intel® Pentium 4 Processor at 3.0 GHz with 800 MHz Front Side Bus and Hyper-Threading technology [/FONT]
  • SiS 648FX/963L
  • Two available DIMM slots to upgrade to 2 GB total memory (DDR333); 256 MB minimum memory. have 2x256 right now ddr333 pc2700
  • windows xp pro sp2
  • and its not dual channel only regular ddr..up to pc2700 ddr 333. says on cpuid or cpuz the prog i run is called that i have 200fsb and 800bus speed. my memory right now is micron technology which is the factory mem. 2x256 but i want 2 gigs on this though. not just 1
The one stick should work. Aside from trying to return or exchange it all I can suggest is to try and relax the ram timing settings in the advanced section of your bios. Unfortunately your bios does not appear to allow RAM timing adjustment.
so what should i do then if i cant adjust timings? cause i put just the one stick in in slot 1 didnt work..same thing for slot 2 didnt work..and mixing it with one of the micron tech 256 making it 1.2gb ram...didnt work. so will it work if i use another brand you think? and whats that 512k test that i also heard from people saying about? cause im getting those beeps..i think i have phoenix bios? i get the beeps 1-3-4-3???? when the 1 stick of corsair memory wont work. awww..i really want this one stick...so i can play games faster..lol how about getting another stick of 1 gb? people keep saying corsair is like one of the best but somehow its not working with my fujitsu n5010... stupid valueselect cheap crap..should of gotten the more expensive..and stupid corsair saying they have memory for my laptop even did the mem config tool too at their site... =( i want 1 gig on my laptop at least! =(

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