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1GB Hotmail


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I received a phone call from a friend this morning saying his hotmail account can hold 1GB storage. Are there any news of this anywhere, and are any of you guys getting this upgrade?

Forget about gmail, i know they have larger capacity for account holders as i have 1 with them already. I'm more interested about the hotmail upgrade at the moment. :)


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1GB still isnt enough, I am using 19% (530MB) of my Gmail account. Hotmail could easily make it 2GB... most people wont even come close to that. So having it available to everyone and actually having it available to everyone are two completely different things.


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gmail is almost 3 gigs @ 2.7 gigs now, hotmail sucks, i used them a while back when they frist started up, they freaken deleted my account since i didnt check it often. Screw them.... ill stick to gmail or my aol account, aol for all my spam lol.....since i have a paid account with them for some freaken reason.


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I dont use my hotmail very much so it never goes about 1%

I mean I get emails and use it alot but I dont store stuff with it besides some emails from school about my internship

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