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19" monitor


The Analog Kid

I'm looking for a decent 19" monitor for under $300. Preferabley under $250. ANyone have any suggestion, or maybe someone using one that they really like. I've been told to stay away from KDS. ANything else I should know

Thanks for any help


Prodigal Son
I have a TTX 19" flat screen (not flat panel) I have no complaints. Prices just depends on when and where you get it. (i.e. specials) You can visit their website here.


I love my viewsonic PefectFlat A70f (but it is only 17"). That said, I think the company makes a good product and is (or was a few months ago) very reasonably priced. My monitor was just over #200 with rebates, so I imagine a jump to 19" could be feasible for under $300. Everyone was buying flat panel monitors for the holidays so the prices on crts fell through the floor, but as basic economics dictates that rock bottom price can't last. I don't know what prices are currently but I know they are going up.

You're going to get what you pay for, though, so if you elect to spend less, your refresh rate, max resolution, and dot pitch might not be as desirable as you would like. Also, bonuses such as a flat screen (a must as far as I'm concerned) and anti-glare, anti-static coatings will bump the price as well.

A place like http://www.ubid.com might have some good deals, but you can't be real selective there. I would recommend buying from a local retailer, though, because you have to add 50$ to any online price for shipping.

Hope that helps.


well it does mainly depend where you gewt it from you can try www.pricewatch.com the best monitor i would reccomend is a samsung perfect flatness theres a local store in town called fragz a lan place the dudes selling tonnes of these monitors for 400 bucks but i live in canada and i dont think he'll ship to u.s.a if thats where youl ive sorry??? but look for a samsung there tested and approved as best monitors made to date

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
As you can see from my specs, I use a Sony 420GST 19" for 3 years now and I can tell you it is a must have ! Plus, it has a special button that can adjust contrast and light from 3 preselected settings and I find this very useful for games that are too dark.
It has also a second input on the right side so that you can plug in a laptop computer and switch between your pc and laptop; this might be a plus for some people, though I never used it yet myself.


The Analog Kid
Anyone have an opinion about KDS. I know someone said that they have some quality control issues.

Right now, I'm looking these possibilities of for any suggestions:

KDS 19" XF-9p

NEC AccuSync 90

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF

Philips 109S20 19"

Samsung SyncMaster 950B

Help!! I'm indecisive and hate the MAG that I just got.

If anyone has any suggestions under $300 US, let me know


I have heard terrible things about KDS as well. A friend has like three of those Samsung monitors (although I don't know the exact models), but he loves them. Also have had a bad experience with phillips. My vote goes for any of the samsung.

(They also make my mp3 cell phone and it's fantastic, so they must be a good company!!)


The Analog Kid

Really satisfied with the 955df? I've read a couple of bad reviews recently. If you can dispute those, I'd love to hear it. I'm about to toss this MAG out my window!


The Analog Kid
1) grainy image (pixelation)
2) cheap plastic ( the base sucks)
3) impossible to get clost to a square geometry
4) text is blurry, jagged and slightly ghosted

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