19 Bald Eagles Killed in Accident!


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15 Feb 2005

PLEASE send the link for this post to everyone you know who is a conservationist. I am appauled at Ocean Beauties response on this matter: THEY DON'T HAVE ONE. EDIT: they do have one which is NOT posted on their news & events / press releases page, it is instead posted on ther front page in a mundane title of:

Update: Ocean Beauty's Press Release on the Kodiak Bald Eagles

I have pasted below edit: all emails sent or recieved from Ocean beauty in full disclosure because I felt as though this was a MASSIVE mistake which the company needed to admit its part in and help in some way to rectify:

Dear Ocean Beauty representative,

My name is Mike Akridge, I live in Land O Lakes, FL, I came across a rather disturbing article on National Geographic (Look HERE for original article) about the 19 Bald Eagles which died due to the truck being moved outside your processing plant.

I think it is horrendous that this has happened, and while I understand that this was most likely a huge mistake, your refusal to make a statement publicly leaves the impression you don't care about the health and welfare of the single most important bird in our countries history.

I will be forwarding this article, to as many news sources which will listen, I will also be posting the link to your press releases to many public sources so as to increase your public exposure until you recognize your involvement in this hideous accident, and that it actually happened.

I will also be asking friends and family to boycott the entire list of all the brands listed on your front page until such time that you admit your companies involvement, and what if any consolations your company will be making to ensure this never happens again.


Mike Akridge
Land O Lakes, FL

EDIT: I have removed my asking for a boycott for the masses, HOWEVER, I am still boycotting their items because I feel as though they misled the public and tried to keep this from hitting mainstream media, YOU decide if you want to boycott with me.

These Brand are wholely owned by Ocean Beauty, and are taken directly from their site:

Ocean BeautyOcean BonitaSea ChoiceEcho FallsLASCCOThree StarRiteNathan'sIcy PointTribePillar RockPink BeautySearchlightCommanderPort ClydeNeptune


Mike Akridge
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I'm glad they managed to save some of them.
I don't quite understand why there was an open topped truck of waste tho?

While I don't share the patriotic feeling for the bird, the uncaring attitude twords wildlife and nature repulses me. I don't harm nature or wildlife, I hunt and fish not for sport only, but mainly for food.

If you are from this company your best corse of action is to not only tell us how sorry you are, but show how sorry by firing the person responsible for this act of carelessness. I to am going to spread this along to other forums, where hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will see it.
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Wow Mike, thanks for sharing that. I'll spread it around as I can and please do let us know if you get a response.
I agree with EP on this, why was waste being transported in an open top lorry of all things? I'll happily boycott those brands, but I don't think they actually retail in the UK at all so I doubt it'll have much effect.
Thanks for the support guys... I have edited my response to remove the boycott, because I feel as though they did take action.
ALTHOUGH... I still have issue with HOW they did it, they tried to keep it as quiet as possible, out of the media... I don't get that, like people weren't going to notice???

I did get a few responses which I thought did not answer the questions which I posed and I will explain why...
First Ocean Beauty response to the above email:

We did not "refuse" to make a statement and we had one within 18 hours
of the incident. When the manager of the Kodiak facility was called by
the media he was in contact with our corporate office. It is not the
position of that facilites manager to respond to such issues, we must
have all of our information in a row. Ocean Beauty has and still is an
outstanding member of the Alaska community and we take great pride in the
Stewardship of the enviroment, the waters and air of our great state of

So I sent another email:
While I appreciate your quick response, may I ask what the response to this incident was/is and where it can be viewed? I ask because it is still not available in your press release section of Ocean Beauties website.

Mike Akridge

To which they responded:
Go to the website and the home page. On the top of the page you will be
a red headline regarding the press release. Klick on the headline and
you will see the page.

Ocean Beauty did not refuse to talk to anyone. When the one news paper
called the plant it was Sunday and they were closed. Also the birds
where already being taken care of. Ocean Beauty charted an Alaska Airlines
plane to get the birds to the reserve quickly.

I would like to point out a few things:

1) the truck was a fish waste truck which was supposed to be emptied and processed, they could not get to it, so they moved it outside...

NORMAL protocol of the company (by their own admission) is to move the truck outside and IMMEDIATELY cover it... they did not do this... this was on FRIDAY afternoon, they put that truck outside...

Now I refer you to the original response which I bolded and changed the font to purple: "We did not "refuse" to make a statement and we had one within 18 hours
of the incident."

I am no math major... so I will let you all figure out my first grade math question:
If they issued a statement within 18 hours, then why is the response dated 15 Jan?

Okay kids... if you leave your house on Friday afternoon, and then do not return until Tuesday afternoon, how many days have you been missing?
Added Bonus Math question:
How many hours are associated with your missing days?

CONGRATS! you figured out it took longer than 18 hours!
You did better than an Ocean Beauty PR rep!!! You get a GOLD STAR!

See the Ocean BeautyMain page:

Link to the Bald Eagle Response Here:

I would also like to point out how they once again camoflauged the severity of the issue, by not mentioning death, killing, mishap, accident, no words with a negative conotation... great work by the PR people, also, note, this response is STILL NOT listed on the news & events under press releases section of Ocean Beauties website. DO NOT take my word for it, go to the website and see for yourself... also note, there is no more news about this on their website nor the associated press, I guess 19 bald eagles dieing don't merrit national news attention... I am so disgusted...

Anyway, this issue still has me pissed, and if I can avoid it I will not be buying their products as a personal matter of course...

Mike A!
well, 18 hours would probably be referring to business days.. as the next business day was Monday, the clock on the 18 hours probably didn't start until start of business monday.. making a Tuesday release within the 18 hours.

note - I'm not defending their deplorable actions.. just putting the 18 hour comment into perspective. And yes, the fact that they wouldn't think about it during the weekend is horrible as well.

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