160GB Drive Maxtor only recognized as 128GB



Just bought a Maxtor 160GB Drive in an external Firewire case.
Windows XP only recognises 128GB, what can I do to overcome this limit? Is there a patch or driver issue?
It can't be the BIOS as I'm using a Firewire interface.

Anyone - please help!



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12 Jun 2004

The Bios it self is the core 2 all hardware (settings)...

I reccomend You Flash (update) Your bios with the latest version!
Your bios would probably then support larger disks (Hdz)

Although after formating a big HD, You wount get the exact amount of space that you bought.

I got a 30GB IBM ATA 100 HD..after formating (when its new) windows or dos for that matter recognises it as 29GB or so!

I dont know the calculations of the exact amount of lost space after formating a big hd.



I have the same problem, with the same HD. I read On the maxtor site that there is two issues. Flash the bios of MB, and or Update the driver of the IDE Chipset. In my case I have the latest Bios and Driver and the HD don't want goes over 137GB.
If you find the solution before me mail me at thuffir@wanadoo.fr

Good Search:)


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25 Dec 2001
I don't know if this is the same issue, but I bought a Maxtor 80Gig internal IDE drive. BIOS saw the right size, but fdisk only saw it as a 10Gig drive!

So I used the fdisk/format tool from Maxtor that came with the drive and it worked great.



I find solution,
I install Via Ide MPD 3014 Drivers and Via Ide Filter 120 A driver
Now maxtor 160 Gb Report 163 921 571 840 Octets.
I extend my partion with Partion magic that all!
If you have a Via chipset and If you want the drivers I find It
on the asus site: http://download.asus.com.tw/mb_alllist.asp



I read something about this in a recent issue of MaximumPC. Apparently, computers use a 28 bit number to keep track of the location of data on a disk. As it stands, the computer (the OS, I believe) physically runs out of addresses at the 137 gig mark. Supposedly, Microsoft will release/has released a patch for this issue, but not for the Win9x line of OS's.




I found a solution, this is what I had to do:

Mainboard Asus a7v: I had to upgrade the bios from 1008 do 1010 version, however, with 1010 running you will be unable to boot if you have a scsi card AND the internal ATA-100 controller active.

So I upgraded the BIOS to 1010 and as expected, the ATA-100 Controller recognised the disk as 152GB. When I boot into XP I cannot see more than 131GB. I used Partition Magic 7 (one of the few programs who deserve the title "magic". PM 7 recognised the entire drive, formatted it and ever since then Windows see's the drive as well. No matter if on the internal ATA-100 Controller or on a Firewire Controller! Even with an older BIOS.

Since the newest BIOS 1010 doesn't work in my system (I still need the SCSI Devices) I reverted back to 1008. The drive is still there with 156 GB!!! It can now also be seen on Windows 2000 PC's (I use an external Case which combines USB 2 + Firewire) www.sarotech.com

I'm happy!



Yes i'm having a similar problem with a maxstor 40gig hard drive i brought yesterday. XP refuses to accept that its a 40 gig drive instead of 8gig.

My bios indentifies it correctly, no problems its just XP.

If I use FDISK from dos i can create partions and fill up the drive space okay, but in xp it refuses to use it. Even partion magic7 sees it as a 40 gig.

Please help:(


you just need partition magic-- that's all...Usually, the bigger the drive, the more space that widnows takes for cache. I have an 8 gig ad 6 is taken awaw for the cache. By using partition magic u are able to say that you don't it to use any cash and turn it into your good ol, 160 :)(

www.twistedmods.com might eb able to help you with thisd problem as well on their forums..Steveman09 is great wiht computers


The right thing to do is partion it up.

The right thing to do is partion it up. I have the drive as well. However I got a Ultra DMA Harddrive controller in the same package. If you use that it won't have a problem.

Hope it helps.


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