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5 Nov 2002
Hi there I will beshortly building a computer for my girlfriend, and to save room she wants a TFT screen. I have only bought CRT monitors in the past so I am not really sure what to look for in a TFT. What I am after is a 15" screen that is not too expensive a sort of mid-range model which is available in the uk. Hopefully for around £200 if thats possible.
Game playing will be at a minimum the main uses will be office work and the odd DVD.

i love my samsung syncmaster 152v, its 15", crisp as a mother, and dvds look great with the right video card. my 9600 works a treat.

i got this in pc world (/slits wrists) for like £150, so id say you could find it online for muuuuch cheaper.
When looking over the different brands/models, look for the response time and the colour ratio. As these will give you an idea how the monitor will perform. Lower response time the better, as that is the time it takes for one pixel to update the display, and the colour ratio I think, is the depth and quality of the colour display.

Others may be more in depth that me, but those are the biggies.
hybrid said:
i love my samsung syncmaster 152v, its 15", crisp as a mother, and dvds look great with the right video card. my 9600 works a treat.

i got this in pc world (/slits wrists) for like £150, so id say you could find it online for muuuuch cheaper.
The cheapest i have found this online is for £230!
Sacrificial bundled machine thought

indyjones said:
What I am after is a 15" screen that is not too expensive ...£200 if thats possible.

Can I make an odd suggestion along the lines of the infamous "buy a printer and throw it away because the cartridges are more expensive, so just use the ink in your old one" issue.

There are some really excellent deals going on to buy low spec. machines with the sort of TFT you're after. The screen may not be the very best, but I think you'll find it good enough. Then you can gut the machine and build it up the way you want. You'll even be able to add luxuries like the second HD because you'll have them from the "sacrificial" machine.

In your position that's the way I would go - TFT's are just still too pricey when bought alone. Personally if you are going to still buy it I'd spend more get one like mine, which is actually 19" but has speakers and USB hub in too (top of the line from AOC, not best quality but hopefully all I need).
You're suggesting buying a completely new machine just to get a TFT. Riiiiiight, please don't post again until you've taken your meds.

indy, have you checked eBuyer and Komplett ? http://ebuyer.com and http://komplett.co.uk respectively.

I think you'll be lucky to find a 15" TFT for under £200.
Mainframeguy thanks for the help but.........what??? Your suggesting either buy a a whole computer (building one here for cheapness) or a 19" ONE??? Sure good idea just give me a link where you can get them for £200 or cheaper (with out them burning my hands ;) ) and the jobs a good one!
Speedy I think your right the cheapest i have found so far is £230
PCWorld have 2 14"s at 170 and 180, cheapest 15" is 220 though.

(edit) Found this samsung for 210: click

(edit-2) found one for 199, not a brand I've heard of before, and no detailed stats, but if you can find more info and its ok.. looks like the best price you're going to find :) click (link may not work as it's session based, go to currys.co.uk and head to computers>monitors it's listed there.
Cheers Speedy! That samsung looks like a winner for a tenner its a safer bet great find :)
check out a company called benq. they are famous for makinh high quality monitors that don't carry the high price. benq currently has some refurbished @ 199.99.
where exactly are these refurbished ones i cant seem to find them....... :-/
refurbished are ones that were fixed after being found defective or sold and returned because of being defective.
i know what "refurbished" means :rolleyes: :)
What i asked for was the link where you can buy them from as the previous just lead to the manufacture's home page and i could not find where the refurbished ones were from there. Also it has to be uk available the best deal so far is the £210 samsung speedy found but they are currently out of stock :(
indyjones said:
i know what "refurbished" means :rolleyes: :)
.... and if you can wait you can have my 19" for about your price when I feel the need for 21" because prices are moving down quite steadily if you are patient.... then again I am rather happy with mine and there is 4" diff.... but seriously ;) be patient if you can ;)
That samsung (unfortunately) still appears to be the cheapest.

Some others I found..
Videoseven V7 L15PS - £217
Acer AL511 - £220
NEC/Mitsubishi LCD1501 - £217

Aria currently have a Dell 15" going for £210, but it's out of stock, they also have an own brand going for £215 - Link
PCWorld have a load at £220, or some 14"s at 170-180 - Link
the Videoseven V7 L15PS - Flat panel display - TFT - 15" - 1024 x 768 / 75 Hz model seems quite good it has a low responsec time 16ms and a high contrast ratio 450:1. so although its an unknow make it seems a good screen
I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a bad TFT these days to be perfectly honest. I saw a 17" the other day with 12ms response, that sort of response only used to be a dream :) I do think this has pushed the prices a little though. I remember 15"s being £150, that just ain't happening now :\
ordered the Videoseven V7 L15PS in light of the full specs being very good and being fairly cheap thanks for all your help speedy :)

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