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137 GB BIOS HD Limit

Since installing SP1, I noticed that XP can now read beyond this supposedly hardware (?) limit - this has the nice advantage of giving me an extra 24 GB or so to play around with on my 160 GB IDE HD :D

I just want to know if it's safe though, since as I thought this was a hardware limit, something to do with 32-bit addressing or something, wouldn't it corrupt data elsewhere on the drive? And do I need to take precautions as how I format that extra space since seeing as I've got a dual-boot with Win98, should I go for NTFS so I know for certain Win98 will definately not read the partition I've created in this "new" unused space? I guess I can live with only 24GB not being shared between the two OSs :p
I couldn't see that 24 GB prior to SP1 in either WinXP or Win98, so I assumed it was a hardware limit, so it surprised me when my HD grew after upgrading the OS :p Win98 still can't see the partition, which was why I was wondering about being careful here.

And unfortunately I have an AMD, so that link isn't for me, but thanks anyway :)


oh lol....

its simple enough to fix up...

FAT32 is efficient up to 32gb... after that (even just before that) the clusters are just way too big. NTFS can reduce it to 2, 4, 8 kb clusters i think.... a lot more efficient.

Do you use Partition Magic???

If so then all you need to do is use it to create a second partition with the remaining slack space (probably better if u used NTFS newayz)

Get rid of your Win98 partition =P

You've transitioned to WinXP by now haven't you???

If you have problems with apps just use the App Compatabiliy feature.

Intel put a nail into their coffin by supporting "Digital Copy Protection"... pffttt... AMD had better not jump on the bandwagon... This is a seriously stupid thing to do.

Waste of money because give it a few weeks and a mod chip/hack will be out to bypass it and all that R&D money goes down the toilet.

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