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120mm fans suggestions?


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I'm gonna be ordering a new case, and using my current one for my brother's girlfriend's computer (which is kinda sad because the case isn't made anymore). The case i'm thinking of ordering is the Ultra Aluminus (haven't decided on color... though i'm mostly deciding between blue or black), which has space for two 120mm fans, but supposedly doesn't provide any. I'm thinking about getting two of the SilenX fans.... but they're rather expensive. Has anyone used the SilenX fans and recommend them? or does anyone have any recommendation from on TigerDirect of what fans i should get? Like maybe the Aerocool Turbine fans..... do they work well?


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I would stick this guy in front...

And put one of these three in back.

I have the silver one mounted on my brother's Thermaltake Big Typhoon and it's not loud at all. Plus they both move a lot of air and the Silverstone comes with a fan controller for it (you wont need one for the back fan, although you *could* get a cooler looking fan controller and put all your fans on it, but whatever). Also, it's slightly better to have positive pressure and these fans provide that. And the turbine fans look sweeet! :)


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uuh..... from what i've read..... it's a lot better to have NEGATIVE pressure in your case.
Really it doesn't matter because your case will balance it out either way. Essentially, more airflow is better. Neutral pressure is actually the most effective, but for cleanliness purposes (less dust), slightly positive is better. More important than pressure is actually fan placement. You don't want to "short circuit" cold air.

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