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120mm fan diagram?


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not sure if "diagram" is the correct word for it.... but i'm thinkin about taking the 92mm fan off the back of my case, cutting out some more holes, and slapping a 120mm fan in there instead. is there a place online i could get like.... i dunno.... guess it'd kinda be like a stencil, of the footprint of a 120mm fan with the place to drill the holes also marked? or would i be better off like........ buying a 120mm fan, and just marking the holes and stuff after i get it? i'd prefer the earlier over the latter, that way i'd know about how much would have to be cut out before buying a fan.

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Why not get the fan first. Then you can see if the holes are going to be in a free area of the case & not blocked by anything. If you have the fan at least you can move it around to get the right fit.


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I would buy the fan, it is the only way to be 100% sure. They are pretty cheap too, so I wouldn't worry about up-front costs too much.


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Well a 120mm fan is a 120mm fan, buy a fan for like 2 or 3 bucks from Newegg and use that for your stencil?
yeah.... but now i'm kinda runnin low on money. that and my friend hasn't payed any more towards the parts he's buyin off me yet. still owes me like..... $165ish


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Just use an old cd to trace and then use a 120mm fan grille to mark the screw holes. the cd is a lil smaller than a 120mm fan but after sanding should be good

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