$100 to spend at best buy



Got a gift certificate for $100.

I'm pretty much up to speed on drives, burners, and vid cards.

Thinking of adding more memory to the laptop just for kicks but can't think of much esle.

Any suggestions on how to spend this loot at best buy?
audio cds, dvds, cd holder, entertainment center wooden shelf thing, computer (leather) chair, car mp3 player, subwoofers, digital camera, video recorder,,,,, sooooooooo muchhhh stuff


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You could get a USB flash drive for well under $100, depending on what size you get (32MB, 64MB, etc.). I've got one and I love it... so much better than a stupid floppy. If you currently have 256MB of RAM or less, then getting some more would definitely be a good idea, so I'm with ya on that.


lol. Everything you guys have listed I already have. I guess that's why I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get.
well i'd like to be the first to congratulate you on completing your collection of things and i'd like to be first to offer my services for taking that money off your hands :D

Awww c'mon, you knew somebody was gonna say it

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