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100% Cpu Usage :(


DBZ - Yes its in me!
Ok everytime i start a new program like MSIE or outlook or a game or anything it immeadiatly runs up to 100% processor usage in the xp process manager, leaving my system running terribly slow. I have an AMD Athlon 1500+ and i know theres no way that this should be happening. PLEASE HELP!!!


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The general answer

The 'general' way to fix this is to make sure you don't have too many background applications running. Another thing is to check your disk for errors, and make sure you have the latest windows update. defrag also helps (3rd party is better, for example, diskeeper. very good, i use it.) This is all i can say without more infomation.
This happens to me in Windows sometimes, a frozen program, teven something like the Pulse client, can cause this. Check that out.


DBZ - Yes its in me!
ok ive disabled all the non esential processes and have nearly no remaining background processes the cpu still goes from when idling at about 2% to 100% on launch of anything.


Apple lover, PC User
hmm... looks like a big problem

hmm.. doesn't sound too good. My suggestion, if you have enough free space, install a clean XP (or whatever O.S. you are using) than move over your stuff slowly. Whats your RAM status? Also you couldn't have scandisk and defrag your PC already, i suggest doing that. If you require more assiantance PM me.


DBZ - Yes its in me!
actually i had just finished speedisking it this morning and had norton disk doctored it last night. i dunno what you mean by ram status i have 640 megs and it never gets close to being used up.


Apple lover, PC User
List of things to do... try these

- reinstall XP
- run windows update
- update your bios

try these, see if they help at all


DBZ - Yes its in me!
it says whichever application i just opend is at 99 - 100% like winamp or internet explorer. Im probably going to have to reinstall windows AGAIN...for the 6000th time. LOL

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